Sites of Generations Past

In 2019, I started learning HTML and CSS to design my first online portfolio.

That site isn't worth anyone's time, but there have been three other iterations between then and now.

In September, 2020, while waiting for classes to start, I built the first version of that I liked. It's chunky and fairly primative, but my love of color is evident and my photographs are front and center.

In early 2021, I redesigned my website to be more dynamic, and to make it easier to add new content. I took a single-page approach, switching the current article via an interactive list of adjectives. This was fun, and I learned a lot of JavaScript doing it, but ultimately it was bad for accessability, SSO, and mobile layouts.

In November of 2021, I started over once again, this time focusing on mobile-first design and simple UI. With more projects under my belt, I felt a lot more confident about starting from scratch. This was the first time I used Figma, a design tool, for layout mockups, and I had a lot of fun finding colors, fonts, and uniform styles for my content.

This version is (I hope) a good blend of the three. I wanted my website cleaner and more polished than the first iteration, better on mobile than the second iteration, and more full and eclectic than the third iteration.

It's not perfect, but if it was I'd never get to number five. So stay tuned I guess. One must imagine Sisyphus happy, and all that, right?