Who am I? I'm still
figuring that out
myself, but here's
what I know for sure:

I am a photographer,
writer, designer, and
from Wis-
consin, USA, studying
Marine & Natural
History Photography

at Falmouth University
in Cornwall, UK.

Check out my CV.

• • •

In my evolving photo-
graphic practice,
I use
abstraction, spare and
striking composition,
and only the best nat-
ural light to simplify
the landscape.

I emphasize emotion
over the literal image
and truth over object-
ivity, in hope that one
day I might capture
how it feels to see.

Read my dissertation
(it's long; you've been
warned) for more on
my photographic

• • •

I am a self-taught
web developer.
2019, after one look
at the price of a web-
site builder, I decided
to code up my own,
from scratch.

Two years, three
languages, and four
iterations later, I’m
still learning and still
proud of this messy

Fingerprint under microscope, 2019.

Get in touch (ha):