Drumlind is the bucolic, fertile central valley of Yon. It is split by the wide river Dun, which drains the Dunhole to the north and streams south to feed the wide Auburn Sea. Heavy glacial activity in the distant past left Drumlind scraped and pocked with long hills, the namesake drumlins, around which many of the region's towns are built.

While the soil is fertile, the irregular hills and frequent flooding make large-scale farming difficult. Drumlind is one of the longest-inhabited parts of Yon, but it has never grown cities, and remains a gentle, friendly place.

Its towns — Nubbin, Inselberg, Knob, and Burl, among others — are full of farmers and river-fishermen and hunters, funny folk with a strong sense of community. The houses are red-shingled and high-gabled, the roads are winding and cobbled, and the people are generous and welcoming.

The wild woods around Drumlind, for example the Oxfoots, are known as druid havens. That, however, is the stuff of stories.