The Western Range


The most prominant mountain chain on Yon is the western range. It goes by many names, and cuts the world in two, stretching from Vothrothinon on the Frothing Sea in the far north, to end in a claw around Rhingdar to the south.

Sections of the range, from south to north:


In the far south, the mountains are called Gezhewaht. They cradle Rhingdar, and they are the eastern slope of the Evening's Empire, although there they are more commonly known in the Old Edyan way, as Elbalad or Harengad. There they are a ruddy mix, soft sandstone mixed with hard grey-pink granite. There are caves and crypts in those hills going back miles, down miles, into the depths.

The Pineteeth

In Drumlind they are known as the Pineteeth, the Red Mountains, or the Western Mountains. They rise out of the woods, sharp and clean and grey, with matchstick trees on their ridges and mountain goats on their peaks. The range is deep and glaciered, but little snow is visible from the foothills.

The Pronghorns are an offshoot at the end of the mountains as they wrap east around Rhingdar. They stretch out between Gandrin's Run, the high, mild plateau, and the Auburn Sea. They are low and inviting and rarely snowy.

The Oxfoots, similar and close to the Pronghorns, are a small offshoot of the Pineteeth which stretch east into Drumlind. Wooded and sharp, they are full of forts and brigands and hunters' cabins.


In Old Edyan the mountains are called Elbalad and Harengad. This eastern central slope of the range is grey-white and tall, rising suddenly from the green plains of Edya. The birch forest Ilfalas is nestled against this slope in a wide shallow valley, and the ancient fortress Estgard protects one of the few passes east.


In the north, the folk of the Ironfells and the Outlands know the mountains as Harakarákan. Here they are dark and impassably cold, full of leopards and bears and beasts unnamed.

Mora Mezébarac

In Goblund, the mountains are called Mora Mezébarac, and they rise out of the Mistfens and the Fellsplit to the west of Goblund. The high, sharp hills there are a foggy mirage of the spires of old black fortresses and wire-thin crags of inky black rock. At their northernmost point, as they meet the crashing sea around the Watermaw, they are called Mora Morudra.