The Sea

The sea is all around us. It is ever changing, ever churning. The tide is ever dragging in and out.

Here are some of the seas around Yon:

The Cauldron

The Cauldron is a wide, calm bowl of a sea, cut from the rest by Halfisle and the Ingle. It has its own page with more.

The Headwinds

North of the Cauldron, off the coast of the Uphills and southern Hithlid, are the Headwinds, a rough patch of seas named for the harsh winds that whip down from the north. One must sail through the Headwinds to reach the Sanguine Sea.

The Sanguine Sea

Separating the Wildermoor from the south is the Sanguine Sea. It is a grim, stagnant, offputting water, where the surface shimmers like oil and shadows drift below the surface. Being so close to the Scraplands, the Sanguine Sea is said to be full of all manner of strange, perverted relics of primordial Numir. The city of Tåsk is the only place people live on its shores, but they are a strange people, so I wouldn't say it counts for much. In a sheltered cove in the southwesternmost reach of that sea is Dowager Bay, gateway to the Hornwood and a logging town.

The Waterworks

The sea between Wregedlek and the Rainspatter is known as the Waterworks, for it is always thrashing, always churning, always sinking ships. Few can make it through alive.

The Baleful Bay

Far to the icy north, between Queen Agnes Land and Etyermaetslund, is an oft-frozen sea called the Baleful Bay, where seals play and leviathan sea-beasts hibernate. Its southern reach is often known as Grölkin's Haunt.

The Watermaw

Surrounded and speckled by black islands and wind-battered coasts and ancient Goblish fortresses is the Watermaw, a deep and high-walled bay. Vothrothinon and a chain of unnamed islands separates it from the open northern ocean. The seabirds there are large and terrible, scaly, horned, as much dragon as gull.

The Frothing Sea

On the other side of Vothrothinon is a wide open water known to some as the Frothing Sea. I'm not sure why anyone would go there. It was thus named not because somebody explored it, but because somebody needed a name for an empty square of a nautical map.


The edyan word for ocean is Berehlias, and thus is the Edyan Ocean called. It is large, an abstract thing, roughly bounded by the Eagle's Talon to the south, Edya to the north east, and Othlethin to the west. A great wind called the Urinoth blows down from the north, riling Berehlias and battering the Barrier Isles.


Eleafe is a great, turquoise, circular inland sea in the heart of Edya. It used to be the heartland of Edya, before it was sunk in an ages-ago war. The sea is situated over the ancient, fertile floodplain of the grand river Ain. Now, it is separated from Berehlias by the Nymris Archipelago.


The warm, tidal waters south of far Ossea are called the Balmbight. Islands like Werrey and Wence protect it from the open ocean, and it is a light-breezy, paradisiacal place.

The Middle Sea

The Middle Sea, or the Neaping, or the Neap, is a large, tame inland ocean at the center of the world. Its shores are calm and mild, but rife with pirates! So watch out.

I should probably write a separate page for the Neap. If it exists, it's here.