Far Ossea


Far to the south, beyond the winter sun, around the Cape of No Hope and past the murky shores of Kenzie lies fair and breezy Ossea, land of cool shallow water and warm cloudless skies.

Ossea is mostly water, protected from the open ocean by many small islands. The whole place is a high plateau. In the summer, the water is high, and the people of Ossea live close to the water in houses on stilts and sail from place to place. In the winter, as the water recedes, the region becomes a network of tide pools and shallow sandy lakes. Osseans wade in knee-high water and stalk fish like egrets.

There are several large towns on the coasts of Ossea. Osseasor is the largest, and most protected. The city is built around a bay whose bowl-shaped floor is above the wintertide, such that it becomes a sort of alpine lake from October to March. Other towns include Fessel, Glint, and Kenerrun, although some consider that part of Kenzie.

To the south of Ossea is the great Balmbight, protected by the islands Wence and Werrey. Beyond that, there are only big fish and warm swells and empty skies.