The Ingle


The Ingle is an elbow peninsula which splits the Cauldron from the wide open sea. Its northern tip is known as Halfisle, land of quiet woods and limestone bluffs. Just below that, it is severed by the canal of Daybreak. Pastures and woodlands and cities like Glibbish and Dudwin make up the heart of the Ingle. Its southern coast is called the Orchard Coast.

The Inglenook

Politically, the region is known as the Inglenook. It is centered in Daybreak, and encompasses the whole of the Cauldron. It borders Elessey to the south and Dylund to the west.

It is seen as the center of progress. There are cities with industry and people with firm grasps on the nature of the world. It is a place of knowing. Expeditions from the Ingle have mapped the whole of the world, charted and catalogued all manner of bird and beast. The Ingle gets its wheat from Dylund and its wood from the Hornwood and its iron from the Scraplands and the Iron Shore.