Elessey is a region nestled between the Ingle, the Holt, Dylund, and Ealdor's Rest. Its capital is the regal city of Alexa.

Its borders are somewhat disputed. The government in Alexa officially controls the inland between the Ingle and Dylund, the wide Southgate Sound, the eastern edge of the Holt, and the long peninsula of Cirwella, known for its vineyards.

Culturally, however, Elessey encompasses the western half of the Orchard Coast, the Isles of Whimsey, and even old Jouge-on-Jouge. While Alexa is full of expat aristocrats and monarchical nostalgists and elitists of High Society, the rest of Elessey is mild and sun-bright, having plenty and wanting little. It is a place of art and fine boats.