The Orchard Coast


The Orchard Coast is the temperate, rocky southern edge of the Ingle. It runs from the Skerries of Ingle in the east to the city of Southgate, where the Ingle joins Elessey and the rest of the continent. It is the northern shore of the brilliant Mevigelevigan Sea, and includes islands just offshore, like the Earlies and the Isles of Whimsey.

All along the Orchard Coast are low cliffs of yellow-orange sandstone and harder grey granites and slates. Sandy beaches break the rock, and little fishing villages are nestled in caves and coves.

It is widely regarded as a nice place. It's not particularly tropical, or warm, but it has a certain quality of some bright-skied halcyon. There is a peace in the blue-green water and the soft seaside light. As the name suggests, orchards checker the land, come right down to the cliffs, and produce some of the finest apples and pears. The growing season isn't long, and locals spend the stormy winters brewing cider and fishing and walking the sandy strands at the base of the cliffs.