The Cauldron


The Cauldron is a circular inland sea, wrapped by Dylund and the Sheepstrath to the west and north, and by the Ingle and Halfisle to the east and south. It has lesser tides than most shores of the open sea, and there is no need, there, for summerports and winterports.

Many towns on the Cauldron are a part of the Inglenook, a loose government centered in Daybreak. Other cities around the Cauldron include Hetch, an island port at the west end of the Strait Away, Yellowbile, a quiet place guarded by a treacherous channel, and Glibbish, home to Ingle House and the School for Typographic Arts.

Here are some landmarks around the Cauldron:

The Strait Away

The only natural way out of the Cauldron is through the Strait Away, a scary, skerried channel between Halfisle Head and the isle of Hetch. The worst of it is an infamous, tide-dragged stretch called Hetchy Gut.

Daybreak Canal

For a very long time, the only way out of the Cauldron was through the Strait Away. Now, Daybreak has a canal to the wide open sea. It runs from the sea-facing Bay of Legs to Daybreak harbor, Cauldronside, and severs Halfisle from the rest of the Ingle. It is often clogged with ships, however, so many still make the few-day journey round Halfisle Head.

The Wallowrock

Just offshore of Glibbish is the island they call the Wallowrock. It is home to birds, an old fort, a campus of a Glibbish design school, and, purportedly, a band of Druids.

The Isles of Wick

Off the the western shore of the Cauldron is a band of isles called Wick. There is Crookwick and Bigwick to the north, Midwick in the center, Weewick to the south, and Yorwick behind them all. Midwick is the largest, home to a port of the same name.