On the north coast of the Cauldron, sat squat on the murky shores of Surley Bay, is the pleseant city of Yellowbile. The bay is connected to the rest of the Cauldron only by the Yelleget, a small, deep channel known for strong tidal currents and the ragged masts of shipwrecks seen in the lows of winter. The east headland is called Honk, and the west headland Yawn.

The town was named for the gut-wrenching passage through Yelleget, and the effect it might have on greener helmsmen. As a result, Yelleget pilots are much valued and much paid.

Yellowbile itself is a fine city, if cold and rainy. There's not much crime. There's not much of anything, really. Shephards come down from the Sheepstrath, the occasional merchant gone out of their way. You'd expect more from a city of that size. It's a nice place to raise a family, at least.