Vothrothinon is a wild, volcanic peninsula far to the north. It is the northernmost reach of the Mora Mezébarac, broken only by the rough coast of the Watermaw. Vothrothinon is also the name of the highest peak in that land, which spews fire across the Watermaw and the Frothing Sea. Little is known about those that live in that place.


The only known city in that land is a strange place called Kezek. It is intricate, delicate, and built entirely of large, glittering, spherical things. There is not a straight line anywhere. It is inhabited by an intense, speechless, wide-eyed, people, who move like spiders around and among their spheres.

It is unknown how much of this is true. It is easy to spin tales about a place your readers will never visit. For all the world knows, the people of Kezek are just like you and I. Or, perhaps it is a city of actual spiders. Can't know unless you go.