The Ironfells


The Ironfells are a region between Goblund to the north and the Outlands to the south. It runs up the eastern slope of the Harakarákan, the western mountains, and out for miles and miles and miles towards the barrenness of the Hinterlands. Between the Ironfells and the Outlands are the Harrowhills, windswept and howling. In the northwest, a great gorge of iron and snow and lumbering beasts called the Fellsplit cuts between Harakarákan and Goblund.

The Ironfells are cold and rough, forests of stout thin trees that don't bend with the wind, and rocks and roots beneath the snow, and crags, caves, frozen streams and black fallen logs, wide-eyed hares and tall, hungry bears.

There are few settlements there. Folk spend winters in the hollows of old rocks and summers watching the sun fall over the western mountains. In July the blueberry bushes erupt, and it is then that man and bear and songbird alike feast and forget the patterns of their kind.

The people of the Ironfells are hard-edged and uncreative at home, but those that move south expand in the heat and the sun and are generally artsy and successful and sophisticated. A large number of them live in Daybreak's Iron Quarter.